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Who We Are

A Different Angle

Fascinated ceaselessly by the magical permanency of print—by its ability to thrive in a digital age— we dare to push the boundaries of the known and the unknown, owning our role in a timeless trade. At Globe, we combine the power of the past with the transformative nature of the present, and continually solidify print’s position in the twenty-first century. What’s old is new once more, and backed by modern technology, print is greater than ink on a page—it’s imagination come to life.

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Our People

Partners In Print

What can we say? We’re print people. Inside each and every one of us is an appreciation for thetexture of paper,…

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Looking at Print in a New Way

The narrative is diverging, conversations are changing, print is surging. An industry once fearful ofthe digital age is transforming, and we’re…

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Printer Lingo

This is awkward. We made a print pun, didn’t we? (Was it the one about pantones? ). And nowyou’re trying to figure…

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