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Studiothink + Globe Printers

We’re proclaimers of the power of print—of the marvellous way it brings imagination to life—and the limitless abilities of our in-house printers. The only thing is, when it came to our annual calendar, we weren’t flexing our press. But that all changed this year when we partnered with Studiothink, a creative agency in Cloverdale, for a rebrand. Our collaboration lead to marketing materials that juxtaposed tradition with modernity, pieces that embody a revival of “what was” in a time when it’s least expected.

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Against The Grain

We pride ourselves on being against the grain, and this calendar is just one example of our desire to step beyond the norm and into possibilities. Inspired by a pantone book, our 2019 calendar is unlike your standard desk calendar—or anything we’ve printed before. For a start, the horizontal orientation and text layout forces you to think and see differently, but don’t worry, it’s printed to perfection.

With premium card stock and joints between each page, this calendar is structurally sound, statuesque, and visually electrifying. Each month features a brilliant pantone and the cover is finished with purple foiling—a detail that is nothing short of regal. We couldn’t think of a better way to introduce you to the charm and cheek of our new brand or to showcase the capabilities of our Nexpress.

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