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VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools

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VSSL + Globe Printers

Daring to stray from the beaten path, VSSL takes the road less travelled—and their products make all the difference. These compact, military-grade adventure kits are built for the wilderness; for rugged adventurers and thrill-seekers who need critical supplies and are always prepared. With a product like this, marketing is no easy task (amazing pictures aside) and VSSL was looking for a leave behind that captured the spirit of their product.

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    VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools
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    Outdoor Goods
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Digital Press

Off The Beaten Trail

Specializing in outdoor products, VSSL needed a brochure as high-end as their product, but as rugged as their target audience. Complete with dramatic images from the edge of the world and vivid shots deep in the wilderness, we wanted to bring to life the spirit of adventure—and the raw reality of an outdoor trek. Adding a matte fuser to uncoated paper, we created a raw feel while adding vibrancy to their images. The finished product captured the product so perfectly that the client did a second run.

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