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Digital Press

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Brave New World

Welcome to the twenty-first century—the age of fast turnaround times, unparalleled quality, and digital print. The capabilities of our Nexpress are changing the landscape of printing in the Fraser Valley, creating more complex printed pieces than ever before. What can we create together? The possibilities are limitless with digital.

Large Format Offset Press Details

Why Digital

Constantly evolving, digital press offers the fastest turnaround times and more cost-effective prices on lower quantity orders. The impressive bit? Digital press has an ever-increasing capacity, producing print pieces that rival the quality of offset printing.

Digital presses also have the ability to print variable data—translation? Each piece of printed material can be unique, you just have to say the word. Using a digital press, we can facilitate custom text and images from one piece to the next in the same run, creating something just for your customer. The customizations don’t end there.

Finish Options

Want to transform your business card, invitation, or flyer into a conversation piece with punch? Add depth and dimension or flair and funk to your print piece with one of our finish options. When paper looks and feels like this, you just can’t resist.

Want to engage clients with unique and tactile 3D print? Say hello to dimensional finishes. Dimensional is not only tactile but lends depth to the visual aspect of a print job. The result? A print piece that delights the senses and is visually beautiful.
Speciality Toner
Convey class and prestige with metallic, white, and clear toner—features new to the digital printing world, but executed flawlessly with amazing results.

Made With Digital

VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools sell the world’s most functional flashlight—a torch for adventurers around the world—and they needed a brochure that captured the personality of their product. Using our Nexpress, we created a brochure synonymous with quality, but just as rugged. How did we achieve this? A Matte Fuser created a raw feel while rending vibrant images, and the result was a brochure that reflected the quality and uniqueness of VSSL themselves.