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Large Format

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Size Matters

The printing press was invented to facilitate mankind’s boundless desire to communicate with one another—to spread a message and create a connection. The methods have changed since the days of Gutenberg, but our objectives haven’t, and when it comes to getting your message across in a big way, large format printing is king.

Offset Press Digital Press Details

Why Large Format

Used for display graphics and interior and exterior signage, large format printing has a reputation for (this is awkward) making things large. Pretty self-explanatory, right? Moving on. What is unique about large format printing is its capabilities. At Globe, we can print large signage on a variety of rigid and flexible substrates, using aqueous and solvent print technologies, as well as UV inkjet. The end result? A quality print piece with longevity, branded to your specifications and guaranteed to attract your customer.

Finish Options

Let’s create something that lasts. Whether you’re planning on printing interior or exterior signage, there are a few steps we can take to protect your investment and ensure high-visibility.

Laminating is an effective way to protect maps, posters, and charts from wear and age, as well as an ideal way to keep your print piece looking fresh. With full encapsulation, items that require more robust protection against dirt and the elements are protected, and a transparent plastic border around the edge of the printed item adds an attractive frame.
Contour Cutting
Contour Cutting is a method of cutting around the edge of an image following the outer edge or contour of the design. More accurate than hand cutting, contour cutting machines are 100% consistent and provide a faster turnaround time for higher volume runs.
Canvas Wrapped Frames
Printing on canvas provides a unique texture—one that creates colour depth and dimension that other methods cannot achieve. Furthermore, canvas wrapped (otherwise known as gallery wrap) frames have no glare, which makes them a great option for display pieces that go beyond the dimensional constraints of digital or offset machines.

Made With Large Format

Located in a high-volume traffic zone, Honda needed to draw attention and accentuate their brand in a tasteful way which is why they turned to window graphics—and to Globe Printers. The team at Globe carefully crafted their graphics, applying an outdoor adhesive mesh for longevity and outdoor endurance, ensuring that their colours pop and their signage has punch for years to come.