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A Legacy of Craft

Case Studies


Offset Press

Combining luxury with imagination, Globe collaborated with Court Living to create a beautiful brochure designed to inspire potential home-owners.

The Honda Way

Large Format

Bold and impactful, this eye-catching window graphic drives traffic and wows not only Honda, but passersby.

VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools


Inspired by the wilderness and exploration, we created a rugged brochure for VSSL. The result? A brochure that brings adventure to life. …

Globe Calendar


Our crazy marketers came up with a wild idea for our annual Calendar, and we said yes.

Mastery of Print and Press

Blending automation with history, the practice of print is simultaneously inspired by the process of innovation and informed by age-old tradition. Our craft is founded upon a fascination with the unassuming power of the past—of the written word printed onto a page and of the magic of holding an idea in your own two hands.

At Globe, we capture this power and transform it into a medium for the modern world, using the most innovative technology the print industry has to offer. The idea you now hold in your hands is more than fresh ink on a crisp page, it’s a sensory experience complete with texture, colour, glosses, embosses, and embellishment. It’s a whole new world.