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our roots

Globe Printers has been a family owned and operated business since its inception in 1994 and has grown to become the largest printing company in Abbotsford. The Fraser Valley is our home – we are connected to and invested in the community we live and work. We have had the privilege to support many local small businesses and non-profit organizations over the years and strive to continuously build connections and collaboration within our community.  Our team prioritizes affability and collaboration in all aspects of our work environment with the belief that open communication and mutual respect builds the foundation of a successful business. 


Globe's logo evolution throughout the years

top 10 products printed at Globe

Since 1994, we have printed thousands of projects, both marketing directed and personal, ranging from business cards to billboard sized banners! To show a bit more of what we typically do and can achieve, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 most printed products to share with you to give a little insight to what we do, and a starting point for your printing journey.



a booklet is a thin book, often with 8 or more pages, that is informative in nature

min. quantity: 100



brochures are like a smaller scale booklet, with only one sheet of paper, and can have multiple folds

min. quantity: 100



durable and multi-use, vinyl banners can be used indoors or outside

min. quantity: 1



presentation folders function much like that of a file folder for organizational purposes

min. quantity: 250



a common packaging item usually made of thin, flat material and designed to contain a flat object

min. quantity: 500


greeting cards

a card can be used for a number of purposes and generally is accompanied by an envelope specifically sized to package

min. quantity: 100



a flyer is a form of paper advertisement intended for wide distribution and typically posted or distributed in a public place

min. quantity: 100


business cards

business cards are usually 3.5” x 2” cards bearing business information about a company or individual

min. quantity: 250


forms (carbonless)

a form is a document with spaces in which to write or select information to be then communicated elsewhere

min. quantity: 100


labels | stickers | decals

labels are offered in all custom and standard shapes in numerous different stock options

min. quantity: 100

Accordion Fold

  1. The art of folding paper by bending each fold in the opposite direction of the previous fold, creating a pleated or accordion effect.

  2. The Accordion Fold might be something you first encountered in grade school, but this isn’t Kindergarten craft time—it’s high stakes paper folding.

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