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Kenneth Giesbrecht, the Globe Printers founder and president since 1994

Ken Giesbrecht


Favourite Pantone: Black

Years in the Industry: 36

Direct #: 236.602.1688

Mark Dyck, our director of manufacturing with over 27 years in the print industry

Mark Dyck

Director of Manufacturing

Favourite Pantone: 269

Years in the Industry: 28

Direct #: 236.602.1850

Scott Towner, our bindery supervisor who oversees project coordination and workflow

Scott Towner

Bindery Supervisor

Favourite Pantone: 1505

Years in the Industry: 22

Direct #: 236.646.0939

Chris Klein, an account manager and human resources representative

Chris Klein

Account Manager

Favourite Pantone: 7743

Years in the Industry: 7

Direct #: 236.602.0865

Colin Logan, an account manager with over 33 years in the print and media industry

Colin Logan

Account Manager

Favourite Pantone: 288

Years in the Industry: 33

Direct #: 236.602.0866

Denise Clark, an account manager who can literally handle anything you throw at her, with over 20 years experience

Denise Clark

Account Manager

Favourite Pantone: 877

Years in the Industry: 21 

Direct #: 236.602.0867

Rochelle Burt, our social media and marketing coordinator and customer sales rep

Rochelle Burt

Customer Service

Favourite Pantone: 5052

Years in the Industry: 8 

Direct #: 236.602.0868

Jayne Prins, our shipping and receiving hero, without whom we would drown in packages

Jayne Prins


Favourite Pantone: 378

Years in the Industry: 39 

Direct #: 236.602.1851

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